MSPmentor 250 (Part I)


Welcome to the first portion of our MSPmentor 250 list. Please note that the MSPmentor 250 is not a "ranking" of managed services executives. Rather, the list is sorted alphabetically (by last name) so that you can identify potential partners for your managed services efforts.

Below are the first 50 executives on the list. We'll reveal 50 new names each day this week. While our online charts provide basic information, we'll unveil a more comprehensive MSPmentor 250 report -- featuring executive bios, key achievements, company locations, etc. -- on Friday, August 1. The report will be a single, free PDF for you to download.

About the Survey: For more information about the MSPmentor 250 report and survey methodology, please visit our main MSPmentor 250 Center.

MSPmentor 250, Part I

[table]# Last First Title Company
1 Abramowski David CEO Morph Labs Inc.
2 Alves Jim Executive VP, Product Marketing Kaseya
3 Andreozzi Chris President KnowledgeCentrix Inc.
4 Aptekar Jason President and CTO Mithril Technology
5 Backers Mike President and CEO Ordovician
6 Bandinelli Massimo IT Infrastructure Manager SpA
7 Batchelor Kevin Chief Security Officer & VP of Service Delivery Enterprise Integration
8 Beard Tim President Networthy Systems
9 Begg Don CEO Do IT Smarter
10 Begley Steven CEO Sentry Networks
11 Bellini Arnie CEO ConnectWise
12 Bellini David President ConnectWise
13 Berretta Gregg VP of Business Development RaveCRM and Entellium
14 Bhana Zaun Operations Director Leap Consulting
15 Bielec John A VP for Information Resources and Technology and CIO Drexel University
16 Blackie Gerald Chairman and CEO Kaseya
17 Blawat Gary General Manager AccountablIT
18 Boyer Paul Exectutive Director of Sales and Marketing Ancero, LLC
19 Bronten George Founder and CEO Upstream Software
20 Brown Tracey CTO Enterprise Integration
21 Bryce Jonathan Co-founder Mosso
22 Burden Carter CEO LogicWorks
23 Burney Derek GM, Microsoft SharePoint Platform and Tools Microsoft Corp.
24 Butler Tracy President Acropolis Technology Group
25 Cagnazzi Robert CEO Bluewater Communications Group
26 Campbell Bruce VP of Marketing Clare Computer Solutions
27 Cannone Peter CEO OnForce
28 Caras Jason President IT Authorities
29 Carroll Jake VP, Channel Sales Autotask Corp.
30 Carter John CEO Radical Support
31 Cassar Peter President and CEO SherWeb
32 Cavaliero Mark President SyTec Business Solutions
33 Chandrasekhar K.B. CEO and Chairman Jamcracker Inc.
34 Chanoff Craig Senior VP, Client Support and IT Blackboard Inc.
35 Chappell Simon President Backup Technology Limited
36 Chasin Scott CTO MX Logic
37 Chaudhari Prakash Director of Business Development NetEntrich Inc.
38 Chekuri Raju President and CEO NetEntrich Inc.
39 Chisholm Paul Chairman and CEO mindSHIFT Technologies
40 Chop Jeff CEO Constructive Media
41 Cliford Josh CTO Everon Technology Services, LLC
42 Colomb Carlson Director of Business Development Level Platforms
43 Cooch Michael CEO Everon Technology Services, LLC
44 Cook Ron Chairman Connecting Point Technology Center
45 Crawford Stuart Director of Business Development IT Matters
46 Croft Joe VP, Corporate and Strategic Development mindSHIFT Technologies
47 Crotty Justin VP, Services, North America Ingram Micro Seismic
48 Crowe Kevin Director Managed IT Services Long View Systems
49 Crowsey Bill CEO TecWatch
50 Cullen Mike VP of Sales N-able Technologies

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