MSPmentor 250 (2009 Edition): Part IV


Welcome to the fourth portion of our MSPmentor 250 list (2009 Edition). Please note that the MSPmentor 250 is not a "ranking" of managed services executives. Rather, the list is sorted alphabetically (by last name) so that you can identify potential partners for your managed services efforts.

Below is the fourth part of our list (151 through 200), sorted by:
  • Last name with link to their personal or corporate blog (if available)
  • First name with link to their personal or corporate Twitter feed (if available)
  • Company name with link to corporate web site
While our online charts provide basic information, we'll the final portion of the list plus a more comprehensive MSPmentor 250 report -- featuring executive bios, key achievements, company locations, etc. -- on Monday, Sept. 14. The report will be a single, free PDF for you to download.

About the Survey: For more information about the MSPmentor 250 report and survey methodology, please visit our main MSPmentor 250 Center.

MSPmentor 250 (2009 Edition), Part IV

[table]Last First Title Company
Lustman Stu VP Business Development Southern Lending Solutions, LLC
Mahoney Adam CEO Network Outsource, Inc.
Makowicz Matt Author: A Guide to Selling Managed Services Ambition Consulting LLC
Masterson Jim CEO LightEdge Solutions
McBain Jay Director of SMB
McKendrick Todd Account Executive, Dell Managed Services
McLeod A Douglas Managing Partner Clear Focus MSP, LLC
McNab Greg CEO ProvideNet
Mellon Jay Partner AtNetPlus, Inc.
Meoli-Rourke Marie Owner WhiteFox Marketing
Miller Brad Chairman Perimeter eSecurity
Miller Jo Director, Partner Relations 1nService
Monies Barry President and CEO Computronix LLC
Mulvey David S. President Advanced Network Products Inc.
Murphy Garrett Director Fast Tech Ni Ltd
Narayan Lakshmanan ("Lux") President Vembu Technologies
Nelson Jeff President and CEO Anexio Inc.
Obeso Alex President and Founder ADX Technologies Inc.
Ohendalski David President AgniTEK
Pacquet Joe VP, Vendor Alliance and Relations Axis Business Solutions
Palachuk Karl CEO KP Enterprises
Parker Jeff President and Managing Partner Monolith Software
Perrill Dave President BHI Advanced Internet
Petrov Michael Co-founder and CEO Digital Edge
Pica Gary Founder TruMethods
Pflaum Andy VP, Business Development Zimbra
Poirier Larry CEO Nitro Microsystems Inc.
Pollack Craig CTO & Co-Founder Faye, Pollack & Associates, Inc.
Powell David Director TekLinks
Prince Kevin Chief Technology Officer Perimeter eSecurity
Proper Michael CEO ClearCenter Inc.
Quesenberry Chad Director of Client Services Claris Networks
Rae Rob Manager, Partner Development Level Platforms Inc.
Ragusa Jeff Channel Manager, Google Apps Google
Read Gary President and CEO Nimsoft Inc.
Riley John CIO Gladiator Technology
Robins Robin President Technology Marketing Toolkit Inc.
Rogers Alex President ARRC Technology Inc.
Rollins Woody CEO Eucalyptus Systems
Rosencranz Ryan President FullScope IT, Inc.
Rosoff Ilene CEO The Launch Pad
Ross Rob President Think Smart Inc.
Sacco Christy Director of Operations HTG Peer Groups
Sagraves Dave Director of Sales Claris Networks
Salovaara Ari-Pekka CEO Severa Corp.
Saluan Maurice VP, Channel Management Zenith Infotech
Sanchez Rory CEO SLPowers
Sandiford Peter CEO Level Platforms Inc.
Saraf Akash CEO Zenith Infotech
Schafran David President Transformation Strategies, Inc.[/table]

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