The CharTec  “Hardware as a Service” (HaaS) program helps you easily obtain custom equipment and licensing for your clients, provides the necessary sales training for you, and continues to support your organization after the sale is complete with warranty and technical support.

The “Missing Piece”

Technology hardware seems to be the “missing” piece of many Managed Service offerings. While your clients may appreciate and depend on the services you provide, they may not be able to purchase all the new equipment to keep their company running smoothly. The result is a gap in the delivery of true service and dependability, loss of company efficiency and unproductive “break-fix” service calls.

Add True Value

CharTec is the tool for easy transition to Managed Services and offers you the ability to standardize your clients’ hardware. Add true value to your offering that will close more opportunities and make you a Trusted Advisor in every situation. Now you can offer your client:
    • Custom Standardized Hardware Branded with Your Company Name and Logo

  • Servers and Workstations
  • Hardware Refreshes Every 3 Years!

  • With CharTec Your Client will never be “obsolete”
  • Software Assurance and Licensing

  • Software and License Tracking--Done.
  • A Single Point of Contact for Problem Resolution

  • No more calling a “third party” for tech support- You have Help Desk!
  • A Flat Monthly Fee Structure that Includes Hardware

  • A predictable, monthly fee for your client—no guesswork!
  • Convert their Capital Equipment Expense to an Operating Expense

  • Much more attractive to most budgets for tax benefits

Make your Managed Service Offering Unique!

Adding CharTec to your existing Managed Service Offering gives you a competitive edge over your competition. Why stand with the herd when your offering can stand alone?

CharTec Resellers see the benefits too!

  • Clients Hardware Standardized

  • No more hardware “surprises”
  • Access to the Professional CharTec® Configuration

  • Helps you calculate and create your hardware offer in 5 minutes
  • Deal with one company for training, financing, orders and warranty replacement
  • Professional Sales Training and Proposal Documents

  • We train you and provide the tools needed to succeed
  • Your competition is no longer “competitive”

  • CharTec  makes your offer totally unique
  • The “Perfect RMA Experience”

  • No hassle! If it’s broken, we send you a new one. Period.
  • Quiets Your Clients Network

  • Now you can work on assisting their company, not their hardware

More Information

1600 Mill Rock Way
Bakersfield, CA 93311
Fax 661-844-5449
[email protected]
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