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Cloud Cruiser's New SaaS App Delivers Cloud Analytics

Cloud Cruiser 16 is designed to help customers, in just a matter of minutes, effortlessly optimize the delivery of cloud services to the business by metering usage by user, eliminating waste and driving business value.

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January 26, 2016

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Cloud Cruiser's New SaaS App Delivers Cloud Analytics

PRESS RELEASE — San Jose, Calif., January 26, 2016 – Cloud Cruiser, a leading provider of cloud analytics software, today announced the release of Cloud Cruiser 16™, a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application that provides a smart meter for today’s multi-cloud environment. With Cloud Cruiser 16™, in just a matter of minutes, customers can effortlessly optimize the delivery of cloud services to the business by metering usage by user, eliminating waste and driving business value. See Cloud Cruiser 16™ in action in this video.

“Cloud adoption rates continue to rise rapidly and multi-cloud has become the norm. Savvy business users now self-serve for many types of cloud services and all of this consumption requires a dedicated app to measure and manage at the most granular level,” said Fraser McKay, Vice President of Products, Cloud Cruiser.  “With Cloud Cruiser 16™, you get exactly that and much more.  Our Insights engine provides recommendations on what services to optimize and our unique SmartTag capabilities are essentially a robust ETL engine to augment the collected cloud tech data into business meaning.  Users see reports light up in real-time, which drives fast business decisions.  It’s all about agility, ease-of-use and greater control to stay competitive.”{ad}

Cloud Cruiser 16™ Differentiating Capabilities include:

  • Time-to-value. You are up and running in minutes.  Once cloud credentials are input, data collection starts and reports light up.  All reports and dashboards are highly customizable and you only see what is important or relevant to your business area.

  • Multi-cloud. Rates, usage and tags vary by cloud provider but reports and analysis needs to be in a single pane view.  Cloud Cruiser 16™ normalizes disparate data and gives you a single pane view.    

  • Transform data to business meaning. With Cloud Cruiser’s built-in SmartTag™ technology you enhance cloud data for richer analyses. If tags have been used incorrectly, the app will prompt tags based on previous patterns. By applying a range of rules or essentially metadata you can configure exactly what you want to see. You can also augment reports by easily importing additional data sets about your business structure.

  • Instant Insights. This is the recommendation “engine” that pin-points where you need to effect changes and avoid waste such as over-provisioned services or unusual spikes in spend. 

“Both business consumers of cloud and those delivering the services must be on the same page when it comes to measuring value,” said William Fellows, Research Vice President, 451 Research.  “This information needs to be …


… available in both aggregate and detailed form but most importantly it needs to be across multi clouds and available in near real-time.  It’s not acceptable to see these metrics after the fact when it is too late to make any adjustments and the CFO must pay the bill. A cloud analytics and optimization solution is a precondition for businesses adopting multi-clouds.”

“Cloud Cruiser 16™ provides immediate time-to-value with powerful, easy-to-use reporting all designed for self-service,” claimed Deirdre Mahon, Chief Marketing Officer, Cloud Cruiser. “Budgeting and forecasting enable you to leverage your historical usage – including any cloud usage data before using Cloud Cruiser — to make better judgments about the future. At the end of the day, it’s really all about putting the right information into the hands of subscribers and those making critical decisions about which services to invest in.”

Cloud Cruiser 16™ is available immediately and businesses can start a free trial today. Designed and priced for value, find more information at XXX, on Twitter at @CloudCruiserInc, or visit the company on LinkedIn.

About Cloud Cruiser
Cloud Cruiser’s application is a smart-meter for hybrid cloud that gives detailed insights into usage and spend, enabling the business to deliver the right services at the right time. By mapping metered usage and cost data with organizational information, customers get instant analytics to optimize cloud investments for business value. 

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