LabTech Software Introduces Managed Services Cloud Edition

LabTech Software Introduces Managed Services Cloud Edition

LabTech Software is the latest managed services software company to introduce a cloud edition. Indeed, LabTech's flagship RMM (remote monitoring and management) software is now available as a LabTech Cloud edition. CEO Matt Nachtrab offered additional perspectives.

According to a prepared statement: "With LabTech Cloud, IT service providers worldwide can immediately offer remote management with little effort and investment by simply subscribing to the service and offering it to their own customers." The software is available worldwide to MSPs, VARs and IT services providers.

The vast majority of RMM software providers now offer both on-premises and cloud-based software. When ConnectWise Capital invested in LabTech roughly two years ago, I wondered if LabTech would push beyond its on-premises software heritage. Initially, LabTech allowed a third party -- TechlabCloud -- to host its software.

But that arms-length relationship unraveled in 2011, and LabTech CEO Matt Nachtrab in late 2011 that LabTech was planning its own cloud strategy. Now, LabTech Cloud has surfaced. The system leverages Amazon Web Services ensure global reach to MSPs and VARs, according to LabTech CEO Matt Nachtrab.

A Closer Look

The cloud edition works with LabTech's existing partner integrations, which include everything from third-party PSA (professional services automation) software to storage and security solutions. Nachtrab says the LabTech cloud system supports full client access with the control center and via a web browser.

"Because each partner receives a dedicated server, many of the drawbacks of multi-tentant solutions are avoided," said Nachtrab in an email to MSPmentor. "Performance will be very stable because each server has dedicated resources.

Nachtrab also noted that LabTech is using its own software to manage instances in the Amazon cloud. He wrote in email:
"I think it is also pretty slick that we are using LabTech automation to spin up the Amazon servers and configure the hosted LabTech instances. A master LabTech server calls the Amazon APIs to create a new image and run it.  We are also using LabTech automation to manage all of the servers that we are hosting for partners.  Using our own software to automate much of the tasks at our business helps us innovate the product and drive more efficiencies to our partners as well."
MSPmentor will track the uptake of LabTech Cloud, and we'll take a closer look at the pricing model vs. the on-premises edition. Among the trends worth watching: Rival Level Platforms says the majority of its most recent wins involve cloud deployments rather than on-premise engagements.

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