Get Involved with Channel Futures!
Get Involved with Channel Futures!


Our news policy in a nutshell: We accept NDAs/embargoes and prefer to receive press releases early. We don’t consider briefing requests without first seeing PR. We appreciate offers of exclusive news content and will often do more extensive coverage in return for permission to run with news a day early or being the only outlet to have commentary from a channel executive. Of course, news must be relevant to the ICT channel. Our beats list is here.


There is no pay to play for columns, but we are selective. Here are our guidelines:

We run columns continually, so we are flexible on submission dates. We run two to three columns per week, so each gets some time to shine; if there is a queue, that may mean a wait. If a column is tied to a news event, it may jump to the front of the line, but generally we run columns in the order received.

Send columns to editorial director Craig Galbraith in an email that includes a Word document attachment. If you want to include an image that you have rights to, send it as a .png or jpg.

Length is 600-1,000 words  … 1,200 at the very outside. For vendors, it’s really important to go for thought leadership and education, not promotion. We won’t run anything that reads at all like marketing.

All copy must be original and exclusive for us. It can’t appear elsewhere beforehand.

Include with the submission a headshot, optional Twitter handle, and bio as it should appear for the byline.

Remember: Our audience is the indirect IT and telecom channel — MSPs, agents, VARs, consultants. Address that group. Cover new ground and zero in on a topic.

Be practical and actionable. What will channel leaders take away that will help them? What are the lessons to be learned? Provide details, don’t just theorize or offer generalities. There’s nothing more frustrating than to convince your reader that X is a big problem and then offer no solution.

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