Company: Channeliser

Job Title: CoFounder & Director

Jacqui Rand

Jacqui Rand is the Co-Founder & Director for Channeliser, an independent global network for IT companies, that enables technology vendors and channel partners to improve how commercial IT partnerships are sourced, formed, nurtured and grown. Jacqui has held many channel roles, including at Microsoft UK. Jacqui can be reached at: [email protected]

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Five Warning Signs that Your P2P Relationship is Flying or Failing

Five Warning Signs that Your P2P Relationship is Flying or Failing

So far in our serious on partner-to-partner alliances, we’ve discussed what P2P is all about, how to put the right steps in place to enable these relationships and what partners need to do to establish the necessary trust to make P2P collaborations successful. In this, our fourth and final instalment, we look at the red flags and warning signs you should be on the lookout for that show you whether your partnership is going strong or headed for failure.

Building a Trusting P2P Collaboration Framework

Our P2P articles to date have discussed “What is P2P all about?” and “Putting the right steps in Place to enable P2P” As we dig a little deeper, let’s focus on the concept of what business trust, fairness and mutual respect looks like, and what the channel can do to improve this critical side of partner-to-partner collaboration.

Putting the right steps in place for P2P Collaboration

Consumer cloud now enjoys a joined-up supply-chain so that, although the solution may involve multiple vendors and complex alliances, the delivery to consumers is now relatively straightforward. The channel needs to follow suit with the delivery of business solutions with multiple moving parts across the likes of the business cloud and the IoT landscape.

What is P2P really about?

Returning from your holidays?  What have you missed?  The good news is the continued growth of consumer cloud (IDC states that the Western EU public cloud service market will expand at a compound annual growth rate of more than 20 percent). This will warm the hearts of the channel, as history shows that where consumer trends lead, business opportunity follows.