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5 Important Business Tech Trends to Share with Your Clients

With you as their technology partner, your small-business clients are likely quite tech savvy. But there is always more they can learn about new tools and processes that can streamline their operations and boost their bottom lines.

4 Fax Security Weaknesses Your Clients Don’t Know They Have–and How You Can Help

Faxing is still a key part of today’s business world–to the tune of 100 billion (yes, “b”) pages a year, according to research firm Davidson Consulting–for a number of reasons, including security, compliance and ease of use. In fact, a CIO Insight article tells us that 72% of U.S. companies still have fax machines.

What Star Trek Can Teach You About Helping Your Healthcare Clients Secure Patient Data

Your healthcare clients, and the other “covered entities” your business serves, are increasingly storing and transmitting ePHI digitally, using more cloud tools and Internet-connected devices than ever. As this trend continues, it will become increasingly difficult for those businesses’ IT organizations to keep a sufficient security net around all of that highly sensitive data.

Help Your Healthcare (and Other!) Clients Solve Their BYOD ePHI/PII Dilemma

Because you are your clients’ IT lifeline, they look to you to help them weave through the maze of technology that can assist, supercharge and sometimes unintentionally impede their ability to efficiently run their day-to-day operations while staying cleanly and clearly on the safe side of HIPAA and other privacy and security regulations.

Add Value to Your Clients by Integrating Cloud Faxing into Their Business Applications

Clients always appreciate it when their partners bring to the table innovative ideas that improve productivity and reduce costs. They are particularly impressed when you can provide something uniquely yours–even if it was relatively simple for you–as this clearly adds value and builds your relationship. Interested? Read on to see how our partners have done exactly that.

Solve a Major Pain Point for Your IT Clients: the Fax Dilemma

You know how frustrating it can be when your aging computer (or tablet or smartphone) becomes increasingly fussy about working with new apps or operating systems? Eventually you face a dilemma: Upgrade to the new hardware, or just accept that your device’s usefulness will keep degrading and you’ll have increasing trouble using it.

How to Make Your Clients ‘IT Heroes’ in Their Organizations – Solving the Fax Dilemma

A study of U.S. employees covered in Psychology Today found that what we seek most in our jobs–even more than money–is being recognized for our work and the value we bring to our companies. Nearly 90% of respondents said they found praise from managers extremely motivating, and 83% said recognition for their contributions was more fulfilling than any rewards or gifts.

Best Practices for Deterring Cyber Hackers

eFax Corporate recently hosted a webinar to inform covered entities in healthcare of the dangers that today’s sophisticated cyber hackers pose to their electronic protected health information (ePHI) and other intellectual property. The common pitfalls and best practices we identified in this webinar relate not only to healthcare-related businesses, but also to organizations in all industries.

Thought About Turning Your Clients’ Existing MFDs into Fax Machines?

Thought About Turning Your Clients’ Existing MFDs into Fax Machines?

eFax Corporate lets a business remove all in-house fax hardware and instead fax electronically, while retaining the ability to send and receive faxes by paper when necessary. That’s because the online fax solution from eFax Corporate integrates seamlessly with virtually any MFD.