Lance Smith CEO of Primary Data

Lance Smith, CEO of Primary Data

Primary Data’s DataSphere Platform Helps Consolidate Storage

Primary Data's DataSphere platform will allow users to virtualize and centrally access data from all of their silos.

Software-defined storage provider Primary Data is looking to solve the various issues associated with siloed data with the launch of its DataSphere virtualization platform, a storage-agnostic solution that allows users to access and move data between any of their server, local, shared or cloud storage tiers.

With traditional storage, enterprise users can have difficulty accessing certain files and data because files are allocated to application-specific silos. With DataSphere, Primary Data is allowing users to share information housed within isolated silos and virtualize them among all of a user’s applications, creating a single, unified storage unit. DataSphere also operates out of band so users can scale their data storage without limit and with no performance or application impact, according to the announcement.

DataSphere works by virtualizing data from disparate silos and making it visible via a singular global data space. According to Primary Data, this unified view enables applications, servers and clients to access data transparently across multiple storage options, including flash, SAN, NAS and private and public clouds.

DataSphere’s dynamic policy engine allows users to set specific policies for service level objectives and automatically move data on the appropriate resource based on application requirements. All additional service level objectives can be changed within the DataSphere interface.

DataSphere is slated to go into limited release next week, with Primary Data targeting enterprise users. The company plans to expand the offering to SMB customers later once the platform has been established within the enterprise community and channel partners have more opportunity to learn about the offering.

“We’re not going after small and medium businesses,” said Lance Smith, CEO of Primary Data, in an interview with The VAR Guy. “A lot of the storage startup companies or early-stage companies like ourselves go after SMBs because the barrier to entry is much lower. We’re going after enterprise; we have a lot of experience here to understand what it takes to go into mission-critical applications.”

Primary Data is making DataSphere available either as a virtual solution or via a physical server. Both will feature the same performance metrics but differ in terms of sales cycle and time to deployment.

Primary Data plans to show off DataSphere next week at VMworld in San Francisco. The platform is expected to be generally available this fall, although a specific launch date has not been set.

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