Novell States Its Case

Give Novell credit. Rather than slamming The VAR Guy for a particularly harsh blog post about the software company, Novell reached out to him and engaged in a healthy dialog.

Tech Earnings Combat Recession Talk

We’re not out of the woods yet, folks. Recession whispers continue. But positive financial news from multiple tech companies — Avnet, Symantec, Sybase and Xerox — lifted The VAR Guy’s spirits today. Alas, he doesn’t own any shares in the companies. But he always welcomes bullish statements from high-tech leaders.

Top 6 Highlights From Lotusphere

It’s time for The VAR Guy to eat a little more crow. Last week, he suggested nobody really cared about Lotusphere anymore. Boy was he wrong. Turns out IBM and the Lotus team unveiled some major partnerships at the event. Here are the top six highlights from Lotusphere, and the potential benefits for VARs.