Who Killed Spencer F. Katt?

Who Killed Spencer F. Katt?

Spencer F. Katt: Did He Die?Forgive The VAR Guy for being a little slow, but he just noticed Spencer F. Katt is missing from the redesigned print edition of eWeek (formerly PC Week). Hmmm. Where did everyone's favorite IT feline go? And wasn't Spencer F. Katt the purrrfect personality to pen a blog?

Here kitty, kitty, kitty. The VAR Guy misses you so. During the early and mid-1990s, Spencer F. Katt was a must-read for our resident blogger. When the latest, hefty edition of PC Week (now eWeek) hit The VAR Guy's desk, our anonymous blogger immediately flipped to the back page for Spencer's gossip.

  • What city ordinances did Larry Ellison's super-loud jet violate that week?
  • When -- if ever -- would Microsoft ship Windows Chicago (a.k.a. Windows 95)?
  • Did OS/2 die ... again?
Spencer F. Katt always seemed to have the best industry gossip.But unfortunately, eWeek's editorial pages now close with a weekly top 10 list. Ummm. Shouldn't we leave that to Letterman?

As the world moved online, Spencer did launch his own blog. But apparently it didn't gain critical mass. Perhaps the print veteran's tiny paws couldn't type fast enough to keep up with the blogosphere.

Whatever the case, The VAR Guy sure misses Spencer F. Katt -- and the anonymous sources who supplied his personality. If Spencer is alive and well in print or online, somebody please alert The VAR Guy.

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