Eva Longoria and The VAR Guy: The Rumors Are False

Eva Longoria and The VAR Guy: The Rumors Are False

The VAR Guy got within 20 feet of Eva Longoria today at McAfee Focus 2012. The Paparazzi was nowhere to be found. But our resident blogger came armed with his own camera. In a shameless attempt to boost traffic today, will The VAR Guy post a slide show of Eva's finest moments at the McAfee conference?

Actually, The VAR Guy will ignore temptation. Rather, he'll put the spotlight where it belongs -- on Eva Longoria's various philanthropic efforts -- including Eva's Heroes.

Even Eva conceded, initially, she wasn't sure why McAfee invited her to speak at the conference. But ultimately the theme of safety -- beyond computers -- emerged. Safety involving financial security, emotional security, and the other results from Longoria's philanthropic efforts.

The VAR Guy has a dozen other snapshots stored away on his hard drive. Tasteful and safe for work, of course. But that's all for now.

Sorry we didn't have time to meet for coffee here, Eva. But blogging is a full-time gig... Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.

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