Insight Enterprises Rebrand Reflects Emphasis on ‘Intelligent Technology’

Insight Enterprises Rebrand Reflects Emphasis on ‘Intelligent Technology’

IT solution provider Insight Enterprise announced a new corporate rebrand that emphasizes its position as a top B2B seller.

Technology solution provider Insight Enterprises (NSIT) is shifting gears with a complete corporate rebranding as it looks to position itself as a more modern and forward-thinking business-to-business seller.

The Tempe, Arizona-based company believes the brand change will not only help sell the company as a top-tier B2B player but also highlight its emphasis on selling solutions that help enterprises meet the challenges of today’s IT landscape. This shift from selling information technology to selling “intelligent technology” serves as the centerpiece for the company’s new mantra to “Make Meaningful Connections to Help Businesses Run Smarter,” said Ken Lamneck, president and CEO of Insight Enterprises.

“In the past, IT success has been measured by factors like network availability and server uptime,” said Lamneck, in a statement. “But new metrics tied to core business outcomes including growth, market share, customer experience and profitability now matter just as much if not more. Insight’s approach to intelligent technology and our new brand embody this fundamental marketplace transformation.”

Insight also debuted a new logo consisting of four interconnected ‘I’s” meant to signify the company’s relationship between customers, partners and teammates, according to the announcement.

The company, which was founded 27 years ago by brothers Tim and Eric Crown, originated as a hard drive reseller and has since gone on to become a global Fortune 500 company.

“Our company has become a powerful connection between today’s leading technology brands and our clients as they work to weave technology into every element of their business,” said Amy Protexter, vice president of Marketing at Insight. “Intelligent technology helps our clients improve their own customers’ experience, drive business growth and achieve their business goals and nothing matters to us more than that.”

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