Voxox CEO Bryan Hertz

Voxox CEO Bryan Hertz.

Voxox Introduces Cloud Phone Pro Hosted VoIP Solution

Voxox today unveiled Cloud Phone Pro, a hosted VoIP solution, at ITExpo in Miami. What does Cloud Phone Pro offer businesses? Here are the details.

Voxox has added Cloud Phone Pro, a hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution, to its Cloud Phone product line.

The unified cloud communication solutions provider today unveiled Cloud Phone Pro at ITExpo in Miami and noted that this hosted VoIP solution is designed to deliver "savings beyond what other hosted VoIP providers can offer."

Ron Kinkade, Voxox's director of marketing, told Talkin' Cloud that Cloud Phone Pro "provides a solution for larger, more established brick-and-mortar small and medium-sized businesses and can scale to be used by large enterprises and everyone in between."

He also pointed out that the solution features a simple, intuitive user interface that could help businesses save both time and money.

"There are many hosted solutions available, but most have simply moved from a complex hardware-based system to a complex hosted system. We are trying to challenge the status quo by rethinking the user experience to further reduce time spent managing the system, as well as overall costs," he said.

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Voxox lets businesses pay per extension and add only as many metered or unlimited lines as needed.

And as a result, Cloud Phone Pro enables businesses to leverage a hosted VoIP solution at a fraction of the cost of other hosted services and on-premise solutions, according to Voxox CEO Bryan Hertz.

The Cloud Phone product line initially launched last February with subscription packages that cost between $19.95 and $49.95 per month.

Kinkade added that he believes 2015 will be "an amazing year of growth" for Voxox, and his company plans to use its market position "to provide full-featured solutions at incredible values."

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