Zenith Infotech: Cloud And Virtualization Moves Coming

During a visit with Zenith Infotech earlier today, VP of Channel Management Maurice Saluan spent a few minutes telling me where the company is heading next. The strategy involves small business, virtualization and cloud computing.

I captured the conversation on video, and will post a complete recap soon. In the meantime, I was surprised to learn that Zenith Infotech now employs more than 600 people (perhaps closer to 700) worldwide.

Another side note: Zentih Infotech has standardized on Lifesize Communications' video conferencing technology to speed the company's worldwide communications.

While I was at Zenith Infotech's Pittsburgh, Pa., offices I had a quick video chat with CEO Akash Saraf -- who was working in India. The video and audio performance were rather amazing. Saraf seemed like he was down the hall rather than on the other side of the globe.

As I've stated before, Lifesize's equipment costs pennies on the dollar compared to traditional telepresence systems.

Back soon with some video thoughts on Zenith Infotech's small business, virtualization and cloud computing efforts -- which are all closely related.

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