Verizon's Computing as a Service for SMBs: No Partners Needed?

Verizon's Computing as a Service for SMBs: No Partners Needed?

When Verizon launched its Computing as a Service (CaaS) SMB strategy today, I was curious to know if the big service provider plans to work with smaller channel partners. No doubt, Verizon's cloud leverages partnerships with VMware and Terremark. But what's the message to smaller MSPs? Perhaps the answer is for MSPs to dial Rackspace, The Planet or another channel-friendly cloud partner. Here's why.

No doubt, Verizon's CaaS SMB services will attract some small and midsize business customers. The CaaS SMB system offers virtual servers, storage, networking and other services to SMB customers.

A Matter of Trust

But here's the twist: Within our own small business, I'm responsible for how our Web site infrastructure evolves and grows. Instead of choosing hosting partners and cloud partners on my own, I depend on our Web integrator for regular advice on all IT matters.

And generally speaking, it doesn't sound like Verizon CaaS SMB is doing much to win the hearts and minds of Web integrators, VARs and MSPs -- the hosting industry's key influencers. Instead, Verizon seems to be pursuing a direct sales model in to the SMB space.

Reality Check

That may work for some companies. But I suspect most of MSPmentor's readers are looking to partner up with hosting companies and cloud providers that have partner programs.

Rackspace, for one, has recruited channel veterans from AMD and Extreme Networks to build out its partner program. The result: Rackspace's cloud seems to be gaining critical mass among the readers I hear from Similarly, The Planet continues to enhance its channel partner programs even as the big hosting provider merges with SoftLayer.

It looks like VMware and Terremark will potentially profit from Verizon's SMB cloud efforts. Now, it's time for Verizon to open its doors a little wider to the broader IT channel.

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