VaultLogix Integrates Online Backup With Spiceworks

VaultLogix has integrated its Internet Vault Advantage online backup solution with Spiceworks, the social networking platform for IT professionals.  The integrated solution is free for IT professionals using VaultLogix Internet Vault Advantage and Spiceworks.

All Spiceworks users need to do is install the version 5.1.69134 upgrade of the Spiceworks social platform.

"Spiceworks has made it seamless for their users to integrate, with no effort required from the Spiceworks user," VaultLogix Vice President of Marketing and Product Management Shane Arnold said in a prepared statement. "Our mutual customers immediately gain support for VaultLogix Internet Vault Advantagem making it very easy for them to receive the benefits of our integration."

The Spiceworks platform recognizes the VaultLogix Internet Vault Advantage solution on a monitored device and then gives the Spiceworks users the status of their online backup, making it an easier alternative to manually monitoring backup status.

The Spicworks-VaultLogix integration announcement comes a month after VaulLogix updated its VaultLogix Information Portal (VIP) in an effort to make it easier for MSPs and VARs to manage multiple accounts. The integration arrives just as Spiceworks kicks off the Spiceworks University Training tour.

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