Three Trends At Zenith Infotech

I spent Wednesday at Zenith Infotech in Pittsburgh. After participating in a Zenith videocast, I sat down with Maurice Saluan, VP of channel management, to get a feel for some of the managed services trends at Zenith. Here are three key takeaways from our discussion.

1. It's All About Storage: Rather than competing head-on with other managed services platform providers, Zenith is positioning itself as a backup and disaster recovery solution, since MSPs and small businesses understand the value of data protection. The result: Zenith's partner ranks now top 2,000 companies -- up from only a hundred or so two years ago.

2. One Dashboard for All: Zenith already offers tight integration with ConnectWise, the professional services automation tool. Through open APIs (application programming interfaces), it's safe to assume that Zenith will begin to integrate with a growing number of platforms. The net result, over the long haul, could be a single desktop window (or management dashboard) that allows MSPs to coordinate all of their platforms.

3. Helpdesk Outsourcing: Many small MSPs are outsourcing their helpdesk services to Zenith Infotech's tech support lines. MSPs pay Zenith for the service, but generate recurring revenue by marking up the service to their customers. Zenith's helpdesk is taking on more than 3,000 new devices per month.

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