Storm Data Protection Tips: Acronis Weighs In

The storm that was Hurricane Sandy affected most of us here at MSPmentor. But we know it affected so many others as well. For instance we wrote about how storing data in the cloud could leave managed services providers (MSPs) vulnerable to the possibility of network issues during a storm. Acronis, provider of data availability, accessibility, and protection solutions, has issued three data protection tips for businesses to ensure they are protected and their critical data is easily recoverable. Here are the details.

The following are Acronis's three data protection tips:

  • Plan, test, plan -- Acronis suggests developing a sound disaster recovery plan before the storm. All IT environments should be considered.
  • Move to the cloud -- While concerns with the cloud remain, Acronis urges that additional protection with a cloud-based backup solution is preferable. The location should be out of the hurricane's path. In addition, consider remote management options for recovery to provide greater flexibility.
  • Back up your data and machines -- Making images of computers and servers can ensure a speedy recovery. The disk images could be loaded onto new hardware in mere hours.
Which tactics did you adopt after Hurricane Sandy? How are you preparing for the next storm?
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