SMC Networks Makes Managed Services Move

SMC Networks has transformed its managed services strategy into shipping products. The networking company at Interop announced shipments of a managed services platform called TigerAccess. Here are some quick details.

SMC Networks in November 2008 disclosed plans to develop MSP-oriented solutions. According to a press release issued this week, the TigerAccess MSP offering "enables VARs and IT administrators to remotely and securely monitor and manage their networks from anywhere in the world through a standard Web browser." Initially, TigerAccess includes four components that are available through service level agreements:

  • SMCMON111-0 - Monitoring and Reporting of Network Devices
  • SMCMON111-5 - Monitoring and Report of Network Devices with 5 Client Agents included
  • SMCMAN122-5 - Monitoring and Management of Network Devices with 5 Client Agents included
  • SMCMAN122-20 - Monitoring and Management of Network Devices with 20 Client Agents included
Sorry, I don't have SLA pricing at my fingertips but I will ask SMC Networks for details.

The TigerAccess system pushes beyond SMC's own network devices to help VARs automate hardware and software audits, patch management and other network optimization tasks.

Two key questions on my mind:
  1. How does TigerAccess compare to more established MSP platforms?
  2. Can we expect similar MSP-oriented platform moves from rival networking companies?
I must concede: I don't know the answer to item 1 and MSPmentor doesn't "test" MSP software. But I'd like to hear from TigerAccess testers and SMC Networks' channel partners. How do they plan to use TigerAccess? Readers, please let me know.

As for question two, yes I believe more and more networking companies (Ayaya, Cisco Systems, Juniper, Vyatta and dozens more) will sort out MSP software strategies in the months ahead. Either through internal software development, partnerships or acquistions. I believe the MSP software market remains too highly fragmented, and will consolidate in late 2009/early 2010 as major IT companies realize the MSP market represents a ripe oppportunity for growth.

In the meantime, I need to connect with SMC Networks for more info about the TigerAccess strategy. I'll share more details when I have them.

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