Signing a Managed Services Contract? There's an App for That

Signing a Managed Services Contract? There's an App for That

There seems to be a mobile app for everything these days: music, movies, Facebook, games to pass the time at work. But for managed services providers (MSPs) on the go here's an app that may help you to manage customer contracts. Re-Evolve has developed Contracts HD for the iPhone and the iPad. What's in it for MSPs?

For $9.99, Contracts HD lets you create, email and sign contracts on the spot using a finger across a touch screen as well as store contract templates for future use. It's the first such application available, according to Re-Evolve Business Development Head Preston Tucker, whom I was able to get a hold of to talk about the new app.

"The contract business is always changing," said Preston Tucker, head of business development at Re-Evolve. "You may work out a deal with someone verbally and by the time you get back to your office they want to change or add things to it. This application lets people work out an agreement on the spot when people are interested."

The idea for such an application gained momentum when Tucker began mentioning it to close friends and got a positive reaction. He soon realized that this application is something that many people besides himself could benefit from -- anyone from film producers signing contracts with actors to MSP's dotting the "I's" and crossing the "T's" with a new client. "It's perfect for quick little contracts that many people can use," said Tucker.

Re-Evolve has sold 600 Contract HD applications. The company is poised to add a promissory note and letter of intent option to the app next week. Within the next month the application will be editable so amendments can also be made on the spot.

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