Seven Managed Services Blogs We Didn't Write: Feb. 19

Seven Managed Services Blogs We Didn't Write: Feb. 19

mspmentor_typewriterThe deadlines kept coming this week. We met most (but not all) of them. Plus, we're still busy chasing some rather strategic news that will break within days. Here are some clues, plus seven managed services blog entries we didn't write for the week ending February 19.

7. Debuting Soon: Channel Cloud representatives are expected to attend the Parallels Summit, which starts Feb. 22 in Miami. What's Channel Cloud? Here are some details.

6. Solid Progress: When Ingram Micro announced quarterly financial results this week, most pundits focused on the company's margins and traditional reselling business. I didn't. Instead, I poked around the company's Seismic business for MSPs and VARs that want recurring revenue.

For 2009, I hear Seismic's revenue grew 80 percent and the services division doubled its partner base. For Q4, Seismic had double-digit growth. And four of the past five months have been among Seismic's strongest. This is starting to read like a dedicated Seismic blog post -- minus the classy executive photo -- so I'll move on.

5. Getting Serious: Lenovo is busy building out MSP-centric content on its web site. I wonder: Will rival PC makers ever learn to follow Lenovo's lead on the MSP topic? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

4. What Happened to Australia?: I've been promising (for a week...) to post a video highlighting a series of MSP acquisitions in Australia. But then I got a bit distracted with the usual daily deadlines. I promise: Video soon.

3. Hooking Up: Appia Communications, an MSPmentor 100 company, has signed a letter of intent to purchase the assets of Connect Communications. More deals are coming. Elsewhere, watch for yet another potential move from Waypoint Solutions Group.

2. MSPmentor 100 Rankings - Update: Scores of MSPs that participated in our MSPmentor 100 survey (but didn't land on the list) have asked me for their overall rankings. Sorry I'm a bit behind on the replies. I'm responding to a few dozen inquiries per day.

1. The Next Merger/Acquisition: I'm nearly willing to bet my house that we'll see a significant MSP software industry buyout the week of February 22. I've spoken with sources in the know. And I think I'll have more to share next week.

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