Seven Managed Services Blog Entries We Didn't Write: Jan 8

I've got a backlog of content on my hard drive just waiting to get published up on MSPmentor. But once again, there weren't enough hours in the week to get everything done. Here are seven managed services blog entries our team didn't have time to write for the week ending Jan. 8, 2010.

7. Microsoft's Latest BPOS Pitch: Most VARs and MSPs are still trying to decide whether to resell Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS -- which includes Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, etc.). To get partners moving, Microsoft is now pitching BPOS post sales technical resources to partners. More thoughts coming next week... In the meantime, here's one VAR's perspective on Microsoft SaaS and BPOS.

6. New Free Stuff: Based on feedback from Ken (can we disclose your name and company?), we built a free MSP Guide area where you can download about 25 different white papers, research reports, case studies and product overviews. No registration required.

Our larger MSPmentor Resource Center, however, contains our latest MSPmentor research and more than 85 different pieces of content (registration required).

5. Profiting from Amazon Kindle: Yes, readers are subscribing to our Amazon Kindle feeds for MSPmentor and The VAR Guy. Big money maker? Not for us -- Amazon keeps two-thirds of the dough to cover "free" wireless access for customers. But we'll keep pushing our sites out to new platforms based on reader feedback.

4. Kaseya Mobile: In addition to briefing me about Kaseya 2, Executive VP Jim Alves describe Kaseya's mobile strategy to me. Watch for that video interview to surface Monday, January 11.

3. Azure's Arrival Nears: We're counting down to the Microsoft Windows Azure launch on February 1. Why? A boatload of ISVs plan to support Azure, Microsoft's cloud based operating system. And Microsoft always seems to succeed when it has a strong ISV story to share with customers. What are the implications for MSPs? More next week.

2. PSA and RMM User Groups: The list is getting too long for me to track in my head. So, a friendly piece of advice: Check in with your PSA or RMM vendor. Chances are they're hosting a user group meeting in your backyard sometime soon. If not, ask them why not.

1. Big Hardware, Distributor Deals: A key source tells me that a key RMM software company has lined up at least one global hardware provider and a few regional distributors to offer RMM in customized SaaS configurations...

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