Seven Managed Services Blog Entries We Didn't Write: Feb. 12

Seven Managed Services Blog Entries We Didn't Write: Feb. 12

managed services blogThe MSPmentor 100 consumed most of our team's efforts this week. There were numerous MSP-oriented blog entries we would have written -- if only there were more hours in the day. Here are seven managed services blog posts we didn't have a chance to write for the week ending Feb. 12, 2010.

7. Their Agenda... And My Agenda: The complete Autotask Community Live agenda is now available online. Yes, MSPmentor plans to blog live from the conference (April 18-20, Miami). One thing I'll be exploring in the days ahead: How well is Taskfire performing? Is it catching on with MSPs -- and corporate IT managers?

6. MSPmentor 100 Promotional Materials: If your company landed on the third-annual MSPmentor 100 and want some promotional materials (sample press release, online button), just send me an email (Joe [at] with the subject line "PR Materials Please."

5. Worth Watching: Paglo. I expect...yada, yada, I'm intrigued.

4. Done Deals Down Under: Yes, four or five MSPs in Australia really did merge this week. I posted a teaser blog on Feb. 11. But I still need to give readers the full story. I hope to do so in the next few days. I just need to find some time to edit the FastChat video covering the news.

3. Lucky Numbers: Level Platforms CEO Peter Sandiford's personal blog features Seven Managed Services Megatrends. It's an interesting read, and I particularly agree with the Unified Communications item -- though I think Cisco is going to face plenty of upstart competition (Digium and Asterisk, and a long list of hosted VoIP providers) as MSPs consider their partner options.

2. Inside Intel Europe: Intel in 2009 abandoned plans to launch a managed services cloud over Europe. But the company remains committed to MSPs. Jon Campbell, an EMEA market development manager at Intel, is organizing managed services workshops in the UK and Paris and Paris this March.

1. Fatal Distraction: If you're working in a NOC this weekend and want to kill some time between customer emergencies, check out the bottom-right of The VAR Guy.

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