Run Network Links iPad, iPhone to ConnectWise

Run Network Links iPad, iPhone to ConnectWise

A new ConnectWise-oriented iPad and iPhone App has surfaced. It allows VARs and MSPs to enter time directly into ConnectWise's PSA system from an iPad or iPhone. The developer is Run Networks -- which is part of the ConnectWise partner community.

"We started it last year about this time," said Brandon Gordon, a network engineer at Run Networks. "Since IT Nation 2011 [a major industry conference hosted by ConnectWise] we've been working with Apple trying to find the correct way to license the app. We gave up on Apple controlling the purchase and wrote our own licensing last month."

The Run Networks App, known as Run Networks Automator, originally started as a Windows app that Run Networks uses internally. The idea was to use fewer clicks to create a ticket and reduce the length of support calls. Moreover, Run Networks wanted to "capture lost time" from onsite time at customer sites.

"So basically there are two main purposes [for the App]," said Gordon. "First, enter time for short phone calls that would normally not be tracked. Second, enter times at client sites that aren't tracked. We decided that this time would ONLY be entered by techs if it was really easy, and didn't take more than a minute with just a few clicks."

MSPmentor has not tried the app. But for those who are interested, it's available here.

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