Preview: Ingram Micro Seismic Partner Conference, Part I

Preview: Ingram Micro Seismic Partner Conference, Part I

Ingram Micro Seismic Partner ConferenceMore than 275 managed service providers are expected to attend the Ingram Micro Seismic partner conference, May 4 to 6 in Dallas. And at least four pieces of news will surface at the event, including two new Seismic partnerships plus two new business management tools. Here's the early word on Ingram's latest Seismic moves, and their implications for the managed services market.

First, the new Ingram Micro Seismic partnerships: One involves NetEnrich. The other involves CA Inc. Official announcements should surface next week.

I've been hearing rumblings since December that Ingram Micro and NetEnrich have been negotiating a NOC (network operation center) partnership. Apparently -- after an extensive beta test -- the deal is finally ready to be announced. With NetEnrich's help, Ingram is launching a new Seismic service offering -- called Global NOC.

Leveraging NetEnrich network operation centers in the US, India and Japan, the Ingram Micro team plans to offer 24x7 NOC services to Seismic partners across North America. The NOC service will be similar in pricing and structure to Zenith Infotech's offering, but will offer higher-end resolution capabilities.

How's that for a fancy way of saying Ingram plans to counter Zenith? Ironically, Dell said it too was taking on Zenith back on April 14. We'll be watching the NOC efforts at Ingram and Dell closely.

Hello, Again

The Ingram deal represents a second coming of sorts for NetEnrich. On the one hand, NetEnrich hosts Level Platforms for VARs and MSPs. And for most of 2008, NetEnrich attempted to recruit VARs and MSPs directly. But those efforts yielded mixed results because recruiting MSPs can be an expensive, time consuming process.

By working with Ingram, NetEnrich's NOCs gain instant access to an existing community of users (Seismic MSPs) who potentially crave such services. More than 1,000 MSPs depend on Seismic-related services, and roughly 35 to 50 new MSPs sign up for Seismic services each month.

I hear roughly a dozen Seismic MSPs have tested the Global NOC services. And the offering should be generally available the week of May 3.

Old Friend, New Partnership

Meanwhile, the Seismic team also plans to announce a partnership with CA. On the distribution side of the house, Ingram and CA (formerly Computer Associates International Inc.) have a longstanding relationship. But on the Seismic side of the house, I believe this is the first time the organizations are working together.

The relationship involves a new Seismic service called Instant Recovery on Demand (IROD). The IROD technology should sound familiar to MSPmentor readers: We first wrote about the disaster recovery service from CA back in November 2008. Now, IROD is coming to Seismic partners. Expect official details next week.

Next Moves

Two other pieces of strategic news will also surface at the Ingram Micro Seismic conference.
  • One involves a new portal to allow Seismic partners to manage all of their services. It's the beginning of a Seismic universal dashboard of sorts, but with a bigger vision.
  • The other piece of news involves business intelligence, and a new way for individual Seismic partners to measure their business progress against the larger Seismic universe.
Stay tuned for a separate blog entry on the new Seismic management portal and the Seismic business intelligence tool -- and their implications for the broader MSP market. Time is short. Dinner calls. And the weather is too darn nice in New York to be blogging into the evening hours.

(Update at 8:30pm eastern, April 28: I'm back. Here's the blog entry on the BI tool.)

Elsewhere In the MSP World

Before I forget: Ingram isn't the only company/organization hosting a managed services event over the next few days.

The MSPAlliance will host its MSPWorld conference (April 30-May 1, Orlando). Watch for some SAS 70 news at the event. Alas, I'm not going. It's a long story. Plus, I'm already booked to attend SMB Nation Spring (May 1-3, New Jersey), where managed services will also be a hot topic.

If you're announcing news or spot news at MSPWorld, let me know. And if you're attending SMB Nation Spring or the Ingram Micro Seismic partner conference, look me up (joe [at]

Back later with the rest of the Seismic story.

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