OWN Launches Sync Tool for ConnectWise

OWN Launches Sync Tool for ConnectWise

own web nowOwn Web Now (OWN) has launched a synchronization tool that apparently automates billing between ConnectWise and OWN's cloud services for managed services providers (MSPs). According to OWN CEO Vlad Mazek, his company completed similar work for the Autotask platform in 2009. Here are some details about OWN's synchronization tools for PSA (professional services automation) platforms.

According to Mazek:

"Here is the challenge in the cloud: margins are thin and billing maintenance is immense because changes to services have to be accounted for manually. So you give your client administrative access to create and delete Exchange 2007 mailboxes which are hosted at Own Web Now – at the end of the month you have to manually go through each company, edit the agreement, update the CAL count and pricing in order to have proper billing so you’re not overbilling or underbilling your clients. The more successful you are and more clients you have, the more expensive it gets to manage billing for services that cost a few dollars each. This over time turns into a huge sinkhole of MSP funds and something that we’ve solved with this tool."
Mazek offers some more perspectives about OWN Sync for ConnectWise in his own blog entry, posted earlier today.

Like many third-party software providers, OWN is integrating with both ConnectWise and Autotask. Mazek is quick to note that "we've had this level of integration with Autotask since their CommunITy event in Nashville" in March 2009. "So across the two platforms we have the full 3 factor sync – statistics, support and now billing."

Mazek will start rolling out OWN Sync for ConnectWise to OWN's ExchangeDefender Service Providers on Monday, Feb. 22. In somewhat related news, OWN says ExchangeDefender now protects more than 1 million mailboxes.

I've got to concede: I'm not sure if other software companies and SaaS-oriented email protection companies offer the type of PSA (professional services automation) integration OWN is promoting. I'll poke around. And, as usual, I'll depend on readers for a reality check.
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