Overland Storage Provides SDD Option for SnapServer DX2

Overland Storage (NASDAQ: OVRL) -- a provider of data management and data protection solutions -- announced that solid state disks (SSDs) are supported in SnapServer DX2, a scalable NAS server. IT managers can now use the new SSD option to customize the SnapServer DX2 to increase levels of performance in high IOP environments, such as virtualization, databases, file serving, and virtual desktop infrastructures. Mixing and matching SSD is supported through SnapServer DX2. The optimization of SAS and SATA hard drives can be performed within a single chassis, while offering storage consolidation and maximum data protection.

According to the company, the new SSD option provides the following benefits:

  • Speed: increased IOPs
  • Reliability: SSDs provide a Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)
  • Durability: there are no moving parts with SSDs
  • Efficiency: SDDs require less power
The SnapServer DX2 supports traditional or DynamicRAID for seamless storage expansion. Storage environments are able to scale without any downtime, a major plus for any business.

Overland Storage provides effortless data management and data protection solutions. The company's solutions are available through a select network of value added resellers and system integrators. For more information on Overland's partner program, visit the company's website.
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