NaviSite Enhances NaviCloud Platform Management

NaviSite Enhances NaviCloud Platform Management

Managed applications and hosting provider NaviSite has announced that it’s rolled out new management and control features for its NaviCloud platform: role based access control, “Airlock,” and dynamic resource instrumentation. Here’s the scoop.

The new features, as per NaviSite’s press release:

  • Role Based Access Control: Match users up with the appropriate access privileges, easing security and compliance while simplifying IT administration needs.
  • Airlock: In NaviSite’s own words, “Airlock enables IT administrators to isolate and lock down specific IT environments.” It can also apaprently be used to move VMs into the NaviCloud environment or for testing pre-production workloads before you touch production.
  • Dynamic Resource Instrumentation: Grants administrators granular control of NaviCloud resources, prioritizing according to business requirements.
The new features are accessed through the AppCenter console, according to that press release.

MSPmentor has talked about NaviSite a lot in 2010, between them taking a bold move in favor of Oracle-Sun managed services, the rejection of a takeover offer, and most recently an important strategic relationship with Mimecast. But this is the first time in a little while we’ve had cause to write about their product specifically.

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