MSPs Create Managed Services Middleware Market

MSPs Create Managed Services Middleware Market

managed services middlewareA software market for MSP middleware seems to be emerging. From Rezitech to Directive Technology Integrators, managed services providers (MSPs) are writing middleware for PSA (professional services automation) platforms like Autotask and ConnectWise. Here's a closer look at the trend.

The latest examples involve the Autotask Email Parser and, a web site that plans to promote the "most innovative tools available to make your MSP tools work with each other in seamless and productive ways."

The first tool on MSPintegrations is called the Autotask Email Parser (or Email2AT for short). Autotask customers may recall seeing the tool demonstrated at Autotask Community Live 2009. Now, MSPintegrations is selling the tool for $49 per month.

But who are the folks behind MSPintegrations?

The answer: The MSP folks at Rezitech, a technology consulting and IT management company. CEO Travis Austin is very active in MSP circles. And he tends to stay ahead of technology curves.

A prime example: Back in April 2009, Austin told us Rezitech was leveraging Ubuntu Linux at the heart of his data center. Most folks consider Ubuntu a desktop operating system. But Rezitech spotted the server and cloud opportunities early. Now, Austin is looking to do the same in the MSP middelware market.

Familiar Theme

No doubt, a growing number of MSPs are launching sister companies or their own software efforts. In addition to the Rezitech example...

MSP Middleware Emerges

The Autotask Email Parcer and JoomConnect examples are particularly interesting, because both efforts bridge the gap between a PSA platform and third-party offerings.

I have to check in with Rezitech's Austin to see what other middleware may land on Also, I plan to check out the MSP middleware trend a bit more closely during Autotask Community Live 2010 conference in April. And I have a hunch MSP middleware could be part of the ConnectWise Capital push as well...

Regardless, an MSP middleware market seems to be emerging.
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