Morphlabs Launches Enterprise Cloud Architecture

Morphlabs Launches Enterprise Cloud Architecture

Morphlabs specalizes in build-your-own private cloud solutions. And with the launch of a new version of their flagship mCloud Controller appliance, Morphlabs aims to make it even easier with the introduction of the so-called Enterprise Cloud Architecture simplified approach. Here’s how.

The key benefits of mCloud Controller 2.5, according to Morphlabs’ press release, are uniform environments from deployment to production, simplified system administration with automated monitoring and self-healing features, self-service resource provisioning, and streamlined and automated application management.

Also new in this release is the fruits of a partnership with Zend Technologies, with their Zend Server product being integrated directly into mCloud Controller 2.5. Zend Server aims to help administrators deploy PHP applications in the cloud.

Morphlabs CEO Winston Damarillo says that Enterprise Cloud Architecture was designed with the company’s MSP partners in mind - the easier it is to deploy private cloud architecture, the faster you can start generating recurring cloud revenue.

“We’re really adding ingredients to increase revenue and decrease costs for our MSP partners,” Damarillo says.

Damarillo reminded MSPmentor that Morphlabs recently raised $5.5 million in funding and is working on getting more aggressive in the enterprise space before the end of 2010, so stay tuned.

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