Microsoft's Cloud: Windows Azure Explained

Microsoft's Cloud: Windows Azure Explained

Microsoft Windows Azure for Managed Service ProvidersMost managed service providers and VARs are still getting familiar with Windows Azure, Microsoft's cloud-based operating system. How does Windows Azure work? And what's the potential value of Windows Azure to managed service providers and their customers? The following video attempts to offer some answers.

Before I share the video I need to properly credit my source: Barton George (a Sun Microsystems veteran now at Lombardi Software) posted a Tweet earlier today containing a link to the following video:

<br><a href="" target="_new" title="What is Windows Azure?">Video: What is Windows Azure?</a>

All About the ISVs

Ultimately, I think Windows Azure is Microsoft's attempt to recruit current Windows Server ISVs (independent software vendors) into Microsoft's cloud.

I'm not sure if traditional VARs and MSPs will benefit from the base Windows Azure solution (thoughts, anyone?. But as third-party applications deploy on Windows Azure (and its cousin, SQL Azure), there could be opportunities for VARs and MSPs to plug their customers into those applications.

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