Microsoft Surface Pro: Sneaking an Early Peek

Even if, like The VAR Guy, you know you should wait for Microsoft Surface Pro version 1.1 before you buy (especially if you also need to plunk down another $129.99 for the keyboard cover), maybe you still want to take a sneak peek at the product that tech pundits have called a a "home run" that changes the game? I know the feeling, after my encounter with Surface RT at the Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) popup store in Manhattan. Don't despair. Apparently if you stop by Best Buy (NYSE:BBY) or Staples (NASDAQ: SPLS) this week you may be one of the lucky ones to get a sneak preview of Microsoft's new Windows 8 tablet.

That's right, Engadget has reported that some locations of these stores currently have Microsoft Surface Pro in house. They are also at some Microsoft Stores, according to this report.  No word on just which locations have them, but I know that I might just be taking a rare lunch away from my desk tomorrow.

And once Microsoft does take the covers off Surface Pro this week, what's next for its mobile and tablet strategy? Could Microsoft introduce Windows 8 tablets with that smaller 7-inch form factor like Kindle Fire HD, iPad Mini and Google Nexus?  It appears that certain Microsoft execs are making the rounds this week talking to financial analysts and reporters about Windows 8 and answering questions like this one. The answer? Microsoft won't rule it out. They'll be looking at what customers want, according to this report.

That's certainly refreshing. Personally, I like the idea of a tablet that's a full PC once you slap a keyboard on it.  But like The VAR Guy, the price of the tablet ($899) plus the keyboard ($129) will keep me waiting a little longer.


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