M&A: LANDesk and SonicWall Now Have Same Owner

M&A: LANDesk and SonicWall Now Have Same Owner

At first glance, today's big news involves Thoma Bravo, a private equity firm, acquiring LANDesk Software for an undisclosed sum. But take a closer look and perhaps the bigger news involves potential synergies between Thoma Bravo's portfolio companies -- which now include LANDesk, SonicWall, Vision Solutions, Double-Take Software Inc. and several other software companies. Can we expect MSP-centric synergies between those companies?

First, here's a look at Thoma Bravo's current software company portfolio. LANDesk joins the list as of yesterday. Of the portfolio member companies, SonicWall is the most widely deployed among MSPmentor 100 companies. But LANDesk does have some followers among MSPmentor's readership.

LANDesk has been up for sale since early 2010. Some readers speculated that Intel would re-acquire the company or that Lenovo would step in to snap up LANDesk. But in recent days rumors on The VAR Guy's comment board suggested that a private equity firm would step in to buy LANDesk.

The rumor mongers were right. So, what does the future hold for LANDesk? And will there be more synergies with SonicWall and other Thoma Bravo portfolio companies?

According to the official announcement, Thoma Bravo's buyout of LANDesk is expected to close by the end of September 2010. At the time of acquisition close, Steve Daly, executive vice president and general manager of LANDesk, will become the CEO of LANDesk, which has roughly 750 employees.

Also of note: LANDesk says it has been growing at a compound annual growth rate of 20 percent since 2002. Can Thoma Bravo maintain -- or accelerate -- that growth rate? And will LANDesk finally become more vocal in the managed services market? We're digging around for details now.

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