Kaseya: Preparing Software Developer Partner Program?

Kaseya: Preparing Software Developer Partner Program?

When the Kaseya User Conference starts June 1 in Las Vegas, sources say the software company may be prepared to discuss a new Kaseya 2 software developer partner program. Here are the details and the implications for ISVs and managed services providers.

Apparently, the Kaseya 2 platform, launched in February 2010, has a modular design that allows third-party developers to plug their applications into the system. On the one hand, Kaseya already offers add-on modules like online backup and security. But on the other hand, Kaseya is expected to open up the Kaseya 2 platform for third-party storage, security and other types of software companies, MSPmentor has heard.

During an MSPmentor Live webcast on May 19, Kaseya Senior Product Marketing Manager Brendan Cosgrove told attendees that an ISV partner program was in the works. Cosgrove did not offer specific details or timing. Nor did he say which ISVs may potentially plug into the system. But we're checking around the industry for chatter.

Kaseya hit some support and deployment bumps during the initial few weeks of Kaseya 2's release. Also, competition from upstarts like LabTech Software apparently is intensifying. Still, Kaseya says support lines are now under control. Next up, potential ISV developer chatter at the Kaseya User Conference.

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