Kaseya CEO Responds to R&D Questions from MSPs

In recent weeks, some MSPs have called on Kaseya to spend more time developing and enhancing its core software platform and existing modules -- rather than building out more add-on modules. In an online forum, Kaseya CEO Gerald Blackie has responded to MSPs by saying that the company continues to march forward on its R&D and software quality efforts. Here's a summary of the dialog.

The discussion goes something like this: Some MSPs have called on Kaseya to "shift development focus... fix the core modules not add more modules." I often hesitate to say much about forum discussions, since they often represent very vocal views from a small number of people. But in this case, the thread seems to be generating some healthy debate about how Kaseya should march forward with R&D.

Kaseya's Perspective

In response, Kaseya CEO Gerald Blackie has weighed in and assured MSPs that Kaseya has R&D resources focused on both existing and new code efforts. Blackie wrote:
"With respect to the overarching question of whether Kaseya should spend more time on the core vs. its add-on modules I will reiterate what I have said many times in the past. Our development teams are hard at work on all aspects of the code. We operate on the basis of development teams. There are development engineers, product managers, quality assurance personnel and product marketing in the day-to-day product development efforts. We have teams working on both the core and current modules as well as teams working on new code that has not seen the light of day. Its a balanced approach that yields a continual set of improvements to the software both existing code and future code."
Blackie went on to describe multiple enhancements that are reaching MSPs, including a Kaseya Network Monitor offering that's free to the company's MSPs.

Growing, Evolving... With Some Challenges

Kaseya has evolved dramatically over the past two or three years. Generally speaking, I believe the company earned a large, loyal following of MSPs and all seemed well through around 2009. Despite continued growth, 2010 involved multiple challenges -- including the major K2 platform rollout, a push beyond on-premise computing into the cloud, and emerging competition from LabTech Software, funded by ConnectWise Capital.

At some points during 2010, some MSPs felt as if the company was more focused on the enterprise market than the MSP market. But in the past six months or so, I believe Kaseya has sharpened its MSP focus. I most recently met with Blackie during CompTIA Breakaway in August, and he described a range of ways Kaseya was marching forward with MSPs. And community leader Brendan Cosgrove is constantly in touch with Kaseya's MSP ecosystem.

On paper, Kaseya's modular software approach makes a lot of sense to me. But I don't have a feel for each module's quality or potential price points for each module. A few vocal MSPs have asked Kaseya to polish some of the modules. Blackie has responded. Does the chatter end there? We'll be listening.
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