Hurricane Sandy: SunGard Availability Services on High Alert

Hurricane Sandy: SunGard Availability Services on High Alert

As Hurricane Sandy approaches, SunGard Availability Services, the business continuity company, has activated a "three-stage hurricane preparedness process" and secured all of its data centers in the storm's projected path. Plus, SunGard Social Media Manager Alison Brooker is offering social media communication tips to partners and customers amid the storm.

According to a prepared statement from Sungard:

"We will also be sharing information through the storm via Twitter @SunGardAS; you can follow us for regular updates. Additionally, our crisis management teams are diligently responding to customer questions and alert notifications. SunGard's main concern is for the safety of our customers and our employees. Please do not take chances with the safety of your employees."
SunGard is one of the disaster recovery industry's true veterans. The company has been recovering customers since the ages of mainframes, minicomputers and client-server computing.

More recently, smaller MSPs (managed services providers) have been moving into the business continuity and disaster recovery market. Those MSPs typically leverage BDR (backup and disaster recovery) appliances tied to third-party cloud services. MSPmentor is in touch with many of those BDR-centric MSPs to monitor their status during the hurricane.

It difficult to say how much damage Hurricane Sandy will trigger. But early estimates are staggering, especially compared to Hurricane Irene of 2011. According to Fox News:
"Early estimates of the direct damage caused by Hurricane Irene were in the range of $7 billion but ultimately it inflicted $15 to 20 billion in damage.

It seems likely that Sandy will impose greater destruction of property, and add to that the loss of about two days commercial activity, spread over a week across 25 percent of the economy, an initial estimate of the economic losses imposed by Sandy is about $35 to 45 billion.

However, rebuilding after Sandy, especially in an economy with high unemployment and underused resources in the construction industry, will unleash at least $15-20 billion in new direct private spending--likely more as many folks rebuild larger than before, and the capital stock that emerges will prove more economically useful and productive."
Many MSPmentor team members are located in the storm path and monitoring the situation closely.
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