HoundDog Doubles MSP Customer Base

As some MSP software companies leap from North America into Europe and beyond, HoundDog Technology has done the opposite. Headquartered in Dundee, Scotland, HoundDog is exporting its software as a service (SaaS) business model to MSPs across North America (and beyond).

To learn a bit more, I traded email with HoundDog's Chris Martin. Here's our exchange:

MSPmentor: A video description on YouTube says over 1700 IT support companies and MSPs leverage HoundDog. Is that figure accurate? When did the product first ship? I'd like to get a feel for deployment trends.

Martin: Actually, I think the 1700 [figure] is out of date;, it’s probably a good bit more than that now. HoundDog launched 2003.  It’s always been a SaaS-based, single system architecture and built from the get go by MSPs for MSPs.

We’ve more than doubled our customer base in the last year (almost exclusively MSPs, but few mid-sized corporates seem to have picked us up, even although we have not marketed to them).

Our offering is 100% SaaS and I think the ease of deploying coupled with zero maintenance is a big reason folks could be choosing us over/ or leaving some of the more well-known providers. Interestingly we’ve more than quadrupled the amount of end devices we monitor, manage and support for IT companies. Last count about 25,000 networks.

MSPmentor: What are your fastest growing regions (in terms of countries)? And which countries have the largest installed base of HoundDog customers?

Martin: I checked with our sales guys and our fastest growing regions are  North America, &  Australia. We traditionally have a strong presence in Europe (particularly the UK & Ireland, France & Germany) and see growth in Eastern Europe, BeNeLux & Scandinavia.

MSPmentor: Are you working with any other software or hardware companies on partnerships or alliances?

Martin: We have a bunch of integrations with others software, AutoTask for example. We also integrate with all of the major AV/Backup vendors. We don’t really run/hunt with any other partners, we prefer MSPs to select HoundDog on its own merits stay largely independent. But of course, we’re always trying to do better and I wonder if we shouldn’t be trying to forge alliances.

Signing Off

That ends my email exchange with Martin. If you have additional questions don't be shy.

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