Google Chrome OS and Managed Services

google-chrome-osIf you're not remotely managing Linux-type desktops and notebooks yet, I suspect you will be by 2010. The reason: Google plans to ship an open source operating system -- called Chrome OS -- for netbooks. And yes, I think your customers will start buying netbooks as part of hardware-as-a-service (HaaS) agreements.

In case you missed the news, Google Chrome OS is real and coming soon, according to Google's own blog.

Short-term, Google Chrome OS faces five key questions. But long-term, Google Chrome OS seems like a promising consumer play against Windows 7 and Windows XP netbooks.

Where Google Chrome OS Fits

Linux-based netbooks seem to be struggling a bit lately in North American retail stores, at least according to our company's own observations. Fact is, most consumers still aren't familiar or comfortable with Linux-branded netbooks.

Enter Google Chrome OS. What happens when you take a well-known technology brand (Google), mix in some open source (Chrome OS) and ship the software on low-cost commodity hardware?

The answer could be a revolution.

Already, major service providers like Verizon Wireless promote free or low-cost Windows netbooks as part of a cellular service contract in North America. You can bet Google and PC makers will pursue similar relationships for forthcoming netbooks running Chrome OS.

My key takeaway: Even if you're not supporting Linux-oriented desktops and mobile devices in 2009, you will be in 2010.

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