Digital Fuel Promotes ITIL Service Management

Finally, the phone call happened. For several weeks, I've been playing phone tag with Digital Fuel President and CEO Yisrael Dancziger. We finally connected a few days ago, and Dancziger took the time to walk me through Digital Fuel's business strategy and latest platform release.

Dancziger and Digital Fuel are gearing up to promote ServiceFlow 6.0, a service management platform that leverages ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library). ITIL is a small acronym that could have big implications for the managed services market. (Read why in one of our earlier blog posts.)

I'm not an expert on Digital Fuel or ServiceFlow, but Dancziger says the 6.0 release features:

  • improved reporting capabilities;
  • a new user interface;
  • improved workflow management; and
  • ITIL predefined content and process.
Digital Fuel's focus on ITIL seems to be connecting with big customers. Over the past three years, Digital Fuel has generated triple-digit annual revenue growth, notes Dancziger.

While many MSP platform providers focus on VARs in the small and midsize markets, Digital Fuel tends to focus more on large commercial service providers and global enterprises -- such as British Telecom, Computer Sciences Corp. and Siemens.
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