Dell's Vista Strategy: Where Do Silverback Partners Fit In?

Dell's Vista Strategy: Where Do Silverback Partners Fit In?

Question Mark 2Windows Vista has sold more than 100 million licenses as of January 2008, but the operating system hasn't exactly been a hit in business environments -- where many companies are holding strong to Windows XP, and some firms are exploring Windows alternatives.

But an announcement from Dell could signal a potential turning point for Vista. The PC giant has announced a Client Migration Solution that aims to accelerate and simplify migrations to Vista. The services are designed for companies moving 2,500 or more PCs to Vista.

Dell's announcement made no mention of Silverback Technologies and other managed services tools that the company has acquired over the past year. However, Silverback partners should watch Dell's Vista strategy closely. Here's why.

Admittedly, many businesses have avoided Vista because of the operating system's massive memory requirements, application compatibility issues and hardware compatibility concerns. The VAR Guy, our sister Web site, has identified 10 reasons why Vista initially missed the mark with customers.

Still, this month's arrival of Windows Vista Service Pack 1 coupled with a boatload of new Microsoft enterprise products (Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008, etc.) could help to push Vista deployments forward. And migration services from Dell and other PC companies could help businesses make a stronger case for Vista.

Too bad, however, Dell didn't include any Silverback-related information in the migration services announcement. While Dell assists businesses that want Vista on 2,500 or more PCs, Silverback partners are perfectly positioned to help small and midsize organizations accelerate Vista deployments -- or migrations to other operating platforms.

Dell has been a bit too quiet lately about its Silverback strategy. However, a recent editorial in ComputerWorld talks a bit about Dell's software as a service and remote administration efforts.

We plan to ask Dell for an update on those efforts during a visit with the company on March 28. And Dell will be presenting more info about its managed services strategy at the MSP Alliance's Managed Services Summit next week in Atlanta.

So stay tuned and pay attention. Dell's own consultants are gearing up to accelerate Vista migrations. How Silverback and Everdream partners fit into that strategy remains to be seen.

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