Cloud Infrastructure Management: Nodeable Starts Beta

Nodeable, a startup, is trying to connect the dots between systems management, cloud computing and social media. The company has launched a private beta of its cloud infrastructure management platform. Nodeable claims the platform is a bit like using FaceBook- or LinkedIn-type social media to manage cloud infrastructure.

Roughly 600 companies have signed up for the Nodeable private beta, according to Nodeable CEO and Co-founder Dave Rosenberg. Those 600 companies include cloud providers, hosting providers, SaaS providers and managed service providers (MSPs); the testers range from $1 million in yearly revenue to "very large companies," according to Rosenberg. Nodeable was also able to bring in Cloudera CEO Mike Olson to join the Nodeable Board of Directors -- a name that puts some credibility behind the Nodeable solution.

"We've basically created a private social network where employees can collaborate with each other and with their servers," Rosenberg said. "It has a normalized social network look and feel."

Basically, the Nodeable platform adds a social layer to systems data.  That layer, says Rosenberg, makes it easier for businesses to collaborate with other users through social networking. So by extending social networking from people to cloud systems, the Nodeable layer allows different organizations in different parts of the world to share business information.

Nodeable is starting its private beta stage with 25 users on Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud). The company plans to scale up to 100 users by the end of this week and then jump into what Rosenberg described as a "full blown beta stage" by the end of October, 2011 with all 600 companies using the platform. The ultimate goal is to make the Nodeable platform generally available by the end of the 2011 calendar year.

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