CharTec, ConnectWise: Backup, Disaster Recovery Meets PSA

CharTec, ConnectWise: Backup, Disaster Recovery Meets PSA

It has been roughly a year since ConnectWise Capital invested in CharTec, the hardware as a service (HaaS) specialist. Since that time, CharTec has pushed deeper into additional markets like backup and disaster recovery (BDR). The latest example: CharTec has now integrated its backup and disaster recovery (BDR) appliance with ConnectWise's PSA (professional services automation) software, according to Corporate Administration Director Monique Rogers (pictured). Here's the update.

Through the integration, CharTec channel partners can import BDR stats into ConnectWise and use them to create and file billing reports. "By integrating our BDR platform directly into ConnectWise, we can see the overall health of the BDR of our clients," said Chartec Lead System Developer John Bair. "And they can see the health of the BDR of their clients. Our platform automatically conducts nightly network virtualization tests."

Chartec's BDR system was released in July 2010, but enhancements continue, according to Rogers. The BDR solution is available for outright purchase or as a HaaS offering. It features:

  • cloud virtualization so that a network can still be up and running in the event of an on-premise customer outage;
  • virtual lab hours when technicians work on cloud servers; and
  • a 24x7 U.S.-based help desk.
During Q2 of 2011, CharTec plans to shorten the amount of time it takes to virtualize servers -- the goal is for the process to take less than 30 minutes. The company is also working closely with StorageCraft, and redesigning its web interface to include more detailed reporting and summary reporting.

“Our tagline is to be unique and different. We’re constantly pushing the envelope,” said Rogers. “We’re different from our competitors because we offer the only true HaaS BDR out there and we give our clients access to it without any upfront cost. It usually takes a large investment to just get BRD in place.”

Still, rival hybrid storage solutions -- both cloud and on-premise -- are emerging. Axcient, for one, offers its on-premise storage appliance at no cost to MSPs that plug into Axcient's storage cloud. And dozens of additional storage-centric vendors are reaching out to the MSP community.

Cooperation and Competition Continue

Meanwhile, ConnectWise is working to provide a level playing field between the ConnectWise Capital investments (CharTec and LabTech Software) and third-party software partners. A prime example: CharTec competes with Zenith Infotech in some ways, but Zenith Infotech will have a major presence at the ConnectWise IT Nation conference in November 2011. Also, ConnectWise CTO Linda Catrett Brotherton has stated that ConnectWise APIs will remain available to all third parties that want to plug into ConnectWise.

ConnectWise now says 50,000 users leverage ConnectWise PSA. And a large number of those users leverage backup, online storage and remote monitoring solutions from outside the ConnectWise Capital ecosystem.

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