Autotask: More Specializations Coming

Len DiCostanzo - AutotaskDuring Microsoft Worldwide Partner Summit 2009, I sat down with Autotask Senior VP Len DiCostanzo (pictured). We discussed how Autotask is adjusting its software to appeal to specific channel groups -- such as Microsoft partners, Cisco partners and Ingram partners.

It's an interesting trend -- especially if you look back a bit. In the 1990s, many application service providers (ASPs) imploded for multiple reasons, including a flawed focus on heavy software customization for individual customers. That approach simply didn't scale well.

Fast forward to the present, and Autoask, ConnectWise, Kaseya and other MSP software providers are finding a middle ground: Maintaining their primary code bases, but offering some special hooks or capabilities that appeal to specific audiences.

This quick video interview with DiCostanzo highlights where Autotask is heading with Microsoft, Cisco and Ingram partners:

Now, for a few related examples:

Watch for the customization trend to accelerate as MSP-oriented software providers increasingly target specific IT and channel audiences.

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