Artisan Infrastructure: Wholesale Cloud Infrastructure for MSPs

Every infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) provider claims to be different from all the rest. But when a company like Artisan Infrastructure comes along with a “wholesale” approach to IaaS seemingly designed specifically for MSPs, we take notice. Here’s why.

Artisan Infrastructure isn’t a new company, having launched in 2001. But it’s recently come out of a sort of stealth mode, only rolling out its current business model in 2010.

The new model, which enables MSPs to pick and choose cloud infrastructure components like ports, switches, or even VMs to have delivered a la carte, is seeing demand for Artisan Infrastructure outstrip supply, says company President Brian Hierholzer. He does say the company is even now growing its capacity to compensate for the influx of new business.

The idea, Hierholzer says, is to give MSPs total autonomy and control over their virtual infrastructure: it’s why Artisan refers to their offering as a Virtual Private Data Center (vPDC). Service providers can build and deploy services using their platform according to their own specifications and requirements, but Artisan Infrastructure is also rolling out partnerships with companies like Asigra to make it as easy to roll out a cloud data vault as entering a license key.

The infrastructure itself is powered by some heavy hitter technology partners, according to the company's website - Artisan uses VMware for virtualization, NetApp for storage, Dell for hardware, Cisco network infrastructure, Juniper Networks security, and F5 for load balancing. Artisan also offers a 99.99% SLA guaranteeing availability.

It’s an intriguing way of looking at cloud services. For as little as Hierholzer’s estimate of $500 a month, MSPs could have their very own “data center” to host SaaS and services of any kind. But is the channel looking for this level of do-it-yourself?

Artisan Infrastructure is offering a 30-day free trial to MSPs until July 31st, so if your interest is piqued, give it a spin.

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