SnapLogic, Orchestra Networks Partner For Cloud Data Management

SnapLogic, Orchestra Networks Partner For Cloud Data Management

SnapLogic, the self-described "cloud connection company," has announced its integration platform now supports Orchestra Networks', billed as the first cloud-based master data management (MDM) solution.

In the official press release, SnapLogic promotes (these names are killing me) as enabling customers to "quickly and easily establish a single source of truth about their company’s products, employees, partners, suppliers, customers, stores, factories or financial data and hierarchies – without a complex IT project."

Meanwhile, SnapLogic has positioned itself as a provider of middleware that connects cloud applications -- for CRM, NetSuite for ERP -- with legacy offerings from vendors including Oracle and SAP. But by adding Orchestra's MDM solution, customers can keep a handle on all their data, across clouds and networks, from a single, centrally managed storehouse.

SnapLogic Vice President of Product Management Ash Jhaveri put it best in the press release:

 "Successful MDM will empower business users across all functions by enabling browser-based collaboration, workflows and change management. With these tools, is the perfect match for SnapLogic's cloud integration platform -- together we're providing a powerful, cost-effective solution to easily obtain one version of the truth, manage it across the enterprise, and continuously synchronize it with all of your enterprise applications in the cloud and on the ground.”

Cloud platform integration is a hot topic, as enterprises look for ways to turn their various SaaS data silos into a unified platform. Even Google has taken notice of the value of this kind of offering. We'll be keeping an eye on the market as we enter 2012, so stay tuned for more.
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