Axcient CEO: New Cloud-Converged Platform a Game-changer for IT Resiliency

Axcient CEO: New Cloud-Converged Platform a Game-changer for IT Resiliency

Axcient's newest offering adapts its leading SMB data management solution for enterprise customers--all in the cloud.

Solution provider Axcient recently announced an enterprise version of their leading Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) platform, until now only available for small to midsize environments.

Fusion is a hybrid platform, involving both private and public cloud infrastructure; Axcient calls it the world’s first cloud-converged platform for IT resilience, and claims it can be deployed and setup in under 10 minutes.

CEO Justin Moore—a serial entrepreneur, VC, cloud computing authority and former chess champion—told The VAR Guy that he realized four years ago that their existing offering couldn’t simply expand in order to meet the needs for enterprise and mid-market end users. In order to provide a platform that could scale without limits, provide higher levels of orchestration and automation for entire data center failovers and consolidate more workloads than just data protection and disaster recovery, he needed to stand up an entirely separate engineering team. Their goal? To build a platform that did all of that, and also consolidated five critical non-production workloads into the cloud: disaster recovery, data protection, test/development, archiving, and analytics.

“We saw that today’s IT teams are under constant pressure to deliver higher levels of service, resilience and agility while simultaneously being pushed to reduce budget and operate with limited staff,” said Moore. “In addition, legacy hardware and software solutions have required IT departments to build out and maintain multiple silos of infrastructure–often times across multiple data centers—resulting in complexity and fragmentation.”

Moore says that 70 percent of spend with current IT architectures is going to redundant and non-production infrastructure that often sits idle and underutilized. He and his team saw a market opportunity to eliminate that waste and give IT organizations back significant time and money. If they could help IT departments leverage existing resources while simultaneously delivering higher levels of service and resiliency within one cloud-converged platform, they knew they’d have a winner.

With orchestration and automation, Fusion enables entire data center failovers of any size in the cloud in under 60 minutes. The solution automates everything from spinning up virtual machines and data to network configurations. “Then there’s the fact that Fusion extends beyond just backup and DR into all of the other non-production workloads,” Moore says. He sees it as a significant evolution for Axcient’s offerings. “We’ve gone from consolidating two workloads to consolidating five.”

Fusion brings convergence and consolidation into the cloud. Unlike secondary storage providers like Cohesity or hyper-converged infrastructure solutions from companies such as Nutanix, Fusion requires no additional hardware or physical infrastructure to be placed on-premise. The platform connects directly into an IT department’s virtual environment and replicates a single copy of data to the cloud.

“That’s the beauty of Fusion – we can achieve performance and scale unlike any other without more hardware. We’re trying to reduce CapEx and DC footprints, not increase them,” he said. “Fusion is way beyond products like Cohesity which are just scale-out secondary storage boxes. Fusion is a cloud platform.”

Moore admits there has been some innovation in simplification and consolidation through the use of hyper-converged infrastructure solutions, but says these still require operating and maintaining more on-premises infrastructure.

Fusion is entirely based on an on-demand service model, reducing data center infrastructure and IT costs by up to 80% for customers, according to Axcient. Its built-in orchestration automates processes such as spinning up entire data centers or deploying test and development environments in the cloud, which should significantly reduce the time and effort demanded of IT teams by legacy, on-premise solutions.

Axcient offers on boarding, technical training, sales and marketing training, and technical certification programs for Fusion to channel partners. In addition to support and training, Axcient’s channel program includes SPIFFs and MDF for channel partners. Pricing starts at $79.00 per virtual machine.

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