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OpenStack Global Clusters Improve Data Availability, Recovery

Enhancements to global clusters represented only part of the more than 400 new features that debuted last week with OpenStack Havana. For enterprises that demand high-availability software performance and rapid disaster recovery, however, those updates open up major new opportunities in the OpenStack open source platform for cloud computing.

Clients First CTO Mark Chinsky says moving IT to the cloud isn39t always the best option

BDR: An Alternative to Moving IT to Cloud?

Managed services providers (MSPs) looking for less expensive alternatives than moving IT to the cloud may want to start looking at data backup and disaster recovery (BDR) as an alternative. How so?

Colorado Floods: Can Cloud Backup Save Business Data?

Amid the Colorado floods of 2013, cloud backup and disaster recovery (BDR) services are the norm for many local MSPs (managed services providers). But how much data is really protected across Colorado businesses?

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Webcast: 5 Things MSP Disaster Recovery Plans Must Cover

You're an MSP pushing into the cloud-based backup and disaster recovery (BDR) market. Before you sell a solution, you need to help customers with their actual disaster recovery plans. How can you get started? Register now and join us Thursday, Sept. 5.

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Webcast: 5 Things Every Disaster Recovery Plan Must Include

How can VARs sell cloud-based data protection and backup services to customers? Get the answers on Sept. 5 during our next Channel Expert Hour webcast. Carbonite will share the 5 things every disaster recovery plan must include — for channel partners and their customers.

Disaster Recovery: Batten Down the Hatches — If You Haven't Done So Already

No one wants to hear it, but I will say it anyway: Summer is gone, Jack!

Yeah, yeah, I know we officially have one month left, but who are you kidding? Many kids in the country are already back to school or preparing themselves, most vacations are winding down and the weather in the Northeast has been downright Autumnish (is that even a word?).

Is Your Catastrophe-Focused Sales Pitch Creating Cloud Resistance?

Sometimes when we talk about solutions that are designed to protect customers from disasters, we focus too much on major catastrophic disasters such as Hurricane Sandy, the California wildfires or category 4 tornadoes. Using only these most extreme examples can cause some customers to think, ‘If things got that bad, I’d have way more to worry about than getting my data back in two hours or less.’ Or, it could cause them to take the opposite position: ‘What are the chances my business will be affected by a major catastrophe?’

Jamison West is betting his cloud business on Windows Azure Office 365 and Windows Server

Live Blog: HTG Vision Summit

At HTG Peer Groups’ Vision Summit, keynotes about next-generation partners (NPRs), new sales models, and selling Microsoft’s cloud suite are under way. Here’s the live blog.

Building Trust: The Essential Component of any Business Relationship

In any business relationship, particularly in the BDR and business continuity space, trust is the most critical component. When the goal of your product and solution is to save the files and systems of someone’s business and livelihood, part of the message is Trust.

4 Tips for Making the Case for Cloud Backup

Even customers who don’t put a lot of stock in IT will usually admit that it’s worth some investment to back up their data. Getting customers to admit the value of data backup and getting them to agree on the value of backing up their data in the cloud are worlds apart, however. The former can be accomplished by presenting your product and explaining its features and price points. The latter requires a more consultative approach.

How Do You Choose? Finding the Right BDR Solution

Once the decision has been made to include a backup, disaster recovery (BDR) and intelligent business continuity solution in your portfolio, how do you choose the vendor that best meets your needs? The first qualifier should be based on the vendor’s dedication to the c