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Intel 2010 Developer Forum: New CPUs With Built In GPU?

It’s new and it’s from Intel: It’s the latest brand on their Core line of CPUs. Intel is taking things a step further than cramming more cores onto one die; they’re actually cramming built-in graphic processing power into the chip. It’s all about the ‘system on a chip,’ Is this the future? Quick refresher for […]

IBM Invites Global Business Partners To Software Lab

Big Blue is doing something a little different, and a little new. IBM is opening their software labs to global business partners in effort to help partners drive growth. The announcement was made at the IMPACT 2010 conference in Last Vegas, as IBM looks to make moves to stay fresh in the partner arena. Here’s how it […]

APC: Will Loyalty Partner Program Score Points?

The bonus points are coming! Stealing a page from retailers, the APC (American Power Conversion) partner program now has a loyalty point system that can earn VARs upscale vacations and other rewards. Here are the details.

Asterisk: Who's Answering the Call for Training?

The Asterisk industry seems to be answering a loud, global call for open source IP PBX training. While Digium has started planning for the annual AstriCon conference, solutions providers and training centers are striving to educate the masses about the open source IP PBX. Here are some perspectives.

Installfests: First Linux, Now Asterisk

I’ve attended my share of Linux installation festivals (installfests), where open source volunteers typically take donated Windows PCs and revive them as Linux systems. Now, the installfest craze seems to have found a new calling: The Asterisk IP PBX market, where open source meets telephony.

Digium Asterisk and Fax Finally Connect

Sometimes when you compete in a marathon, you forget the basics — such as tying your shoes. That’s the case at Digium, which faces fierce competition in the IP PBX market — and is only now introducing Fax for Asterisk. Why did it take Digium so long to bring this solution to market? If you’re distracted by that question you’re missing the bigger picture: Fax for Asterisk is another sign that Digium is growing up.

Opengear Seeks to Double Partner Program Size

Opengear, which develops open source-based network management tools, has a lofty channel partner program goal for 2009. Todd Rychecky, Opengear’s VP Sales, North America, says he hopes to double the number of channel partners working with the company by the end of 2009. Here’s how Rychecky plans to meet that goal.

First Impressions of Ubuntu Linux

The VAR Guy finally received his Ubuntu Linux PC from Dell today. He hasn’t had time to test the system yet but it sounds like power users are generally happy with the new systems. Here’s some initial feedback from Len Sandy, lead blogger at All About Ubuntu.

Can Dell Deliver Ubuntu Linux?

The VAR Guy will be home this weekend. But unfortunately, he won’t be able to play with his latest toy: A Dell desktop running Ubuntu Linux. He ordered the new system on May 27. Alas, Dell has yet to ship it. The purchase process went well. Point, configure, click, purchase. At the time, Dell said […]