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Hurricane Sandy: Your Disaster Recovery Stories Please

For all readers impacted by Hurricane Sandy: The MSPmentor team hopes you and your family remain safe amid the storm aftermath. All members of the MSPmentor team are doing well. Many of us lack power, broadband, phone and cell service. But all of us have found alternative routes onto the Internet. Our top priority, after family safety, is checking in with readers.

Hurricane Sandy: Complete Managed and Cloud Services Coverage

As Hurricane Sandy smashes into the U.S. East Coast, how are  managed services providers (MSPs) cloud services providers (CSPs) coping with the storm? Stay tuned to this blog entry for hour-by-hour updates, highlighting backup, disaster recovery and IT services content from across MSPmentor, Talkin’ Cloud and The VAR Guy.

Among our coverage so far:

IBM MSP Influencer Forum Canceled Amid Hurricane Sandy

The IBM MSP Influencer Forum, set for Oct. 30 in New York, is canceled amid Hurricane Sandy‘s approach. Once the hurricane clears out, MSPmentor will be in touch with IBM to see if the event has been rescheduled.

IBM MSP Influencer Forum: Five Questions Worth Asking

UPDATE: IBM’s MSP Influencer Forum, set for Oct. 30 in New York, was canceled amid Hurricane Sandy’s approach. But how is IBM‘s (NYSE: IBM) view of the MSP industry evolving, and what does that mean for how Big Blue plans to work with established MSPs and aspiring market players? Here are five questions worth asking.

Asus Deploys New Ubuntu Netbooks (Yes, Netbooks)

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) is on the verge of releasing a major new operating system. Uncertain what prospects the new platform holds for them, hardware vendors are exhibiting renewed interest in shipping alternative operating systems, such as Linux, on their machines. Is it early 2007 again? Not quite, but it kind of seems that way in […]

Live Blog: Ingram Micro VTN Spring Invitational

Where is Ingram Micro (NYSE: IM) heading next in cloud computing, managed services and the IT channel? The answers will emerge within minutes at the Ingram Micro VTN conference at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Colo. The VAR Guy is seated in the front row for keynotes, which start shortly.

GridIron Systems Launches Big Data Accelerator OneAppliance

Big Data firm GridIron Systems has launched OneAppliance, a product suite designed for accelerating Big Data analysis, based on systems matching the workload characteristics of Big Data to multilevel cell Flash. OneAppliance enables customers to employ a single infrastructure while combining structured and unstructured data for Big Data processing. GridIron claims OneAppliance provides up to […]

SC '11: Is the Cloud Ready for High Performance Computing?

I’m back in San Francisco after a few days in Seattle for the SC ’11 high-performance computing (HPC) and supercomputing conference. As you may expect from a show dedicated to huge computing clusters and scientific research, channel perspectives were extremely limited, and that goes double when it comes to the cloud. All the same, that […]

Intel Debuts Knights Corner, Adds to Sandy Bridge at SC '11

Intel, my hosts here at the SC ’11 conference in Seattle, used the first day of the event to make a pair of announcements that shows the chip giant is always looking to the future. First, Intel released the first details of Knights Corner, a 50-plus core chip that can deliver a consistent 1 teraflop of double-precision floating-point precision.